HOW do we measure Success?

"We are often asked this and our first answer is through our stories.  When a 14 year old mom is kicked out of her family and village and wants to end life because she is pregnant from rape, but doesn’t……..and chooses hope and family and love ……..we consider it success.  When that same 16 year old two years later skips joyfully through our gates with her 2 year old child to drop her off in childcare because she has to hurry off to High School choosing education and hope….we consider it success.  We have many stories like this that you can find on our blog but we do have STATS below if you like numbers!  We measure success when sustainability happens (a mom is working and earning enough money to support her family) and when family preservation is at the heart of every woman and child we serve.  We believe in the family unit and we believe that with a little help, every abandoned woman and child can have a story of success.  And that success is built on relationships, the very heart and strength of the James Place."

Tina Weir – Founder of HEAL Ministries and Director of the James Place                                          
Statistics updated through September 2017

- To date, 132 international interns along with 23 local interns have volunteered their time to serve alongside the local staff. Many have met requirements for their higher education. Our interns have come from Germany, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and the United States!

- Since 2010, 40 teams have served HEAL in Jinja totaling 385 people that said YES to the call to Africa!

- We have had over 27 individuals stay with us at our Guest House to experience HEAL and other area organizations.

- 30 women started producing crops in their own back yard from the FARMING GOD’S WAY program taught at the James Place.  These women are producing crops to feed and support their families.

- Family preservation is our focus and out of 230 moms, 228 of those moms have chosen to keep their families together. Amani Baby Cottage was recently able to reunite one of the two moms with her child.

- Safe House:  We have a safe house off property for women and young girls who are in a dangerous situation. This safe haven provides for up to 4 families at a time. 18 families have benefited from this
3-month program. 

Projects: HEAL also thinks about our ministry sustainability. Our team is always looking ways to improve our property to make that possible. Such improvement projects include building 2 chicken coops, 1 covered cement bathing area for the children, 1 drainage ditch, 1 protective awning, and 1 goat pen. Many of the playground areas for the children have also been renovated, including the treehouse, swing sets, a baby area, monkey bars, and boda tires in order to prevent damage from heavy rains and termites.

100% of our support comes from individual donors and churches that have the same passion to continue family preservation and sustainability. Become one of these donors today.