"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."- James 1:27

The James Place is located in Jinja, Uganda. We empower and resource vulnerable, abandoned women and children in Christ centered holistic programs that teach sustainability and family preservation. At the James Place we mentor women and children hoping that, through the process they will feel love, find hope and know value.

During the week we hold several programs at the James Place (see below). We have had 212 women come through our gates and register for programs. Over 150 of these women are now entrepreneurs in the community and are able to care for their families. 

  • Bible Study – The purpose of the Bible studies at the James Place are to allow the women to have a safe environment where they can find true hope and unconditional love in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our hope is that every woman will strengthen her relationship with Jesus. Bible study allows the women to create relationships with other women built on trust and love. Teaching relationally creates an environment for different tribes to become interdependent on one another, loving one another as we are all called to do. 
  • English Classes – Because English is the national language of Uganda, the purpose of the English class is to equip the class members with the knowledge to read, speak, and write in English. The main objective is for the women to be able to communicate as well as read and write to advance their place in the workforce.
  • Childcare – Most of the women (ages 14+) in our program have a child or care for multiple children. The purpose of the childcare department is for abandoned women and widows to be able to work or attend school full time and to provide a safe place of play, nutrition, and education for their children. Childcare was started at the James Place in 2013 as a byproduct of the women’s ministry needs. The women were not able to attend school full time or work full time because they had no family childcare support.
  • Preschool – The preschool department was created to educate the four and five-year-old children enrolled full time in childcare to ensure they are adequately prepared in speaking and writing in English.  Since English is the national language of Uganda, our children are getting a head start in the primary schools where English is mandatory.  Our licensed teachers have a structured classroom that promotes creativity in an environment making it easy to learn. Our Preschool graduates are ranking at the top of their Primary Grade classes.
  • Farming God’s Way – The purpose of Farming God’s Way is to equip farmers with a more sustainable way of agriculture. It helps peasant farmers grow higher yields to reduce the rate of poverty and undernourishment throughout Africa. The Director of Operations works closely with the women in our program to grow food in their own back yards by using demonstration plots at the James Place as well as working with them one-on-one in the field.
  • KIDS Club – The purpose of KIDS Club is to encourage children to have the freedom to act age-appropriate through free play, song and dance for three hours on Saturday afternoon. KIDS Club is the James Place way of reaching out to children from the Rippon fishing village and the Works Slum. The afternoon is centered around the kids. The primary goal is for children to feel loved and important as well as grow in their faith. Each week we provide a healthy snack, games and worship that includes weekly biblical lessons on health and life.

The following programs were created for our sustainability initiative:

  • Sewing – The purpose of the sewing classes at the James Place is to equip women with basic and advanced sewing skills. The program is a set of three year-long classes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Once a class member has completed the beginner course, she may move onto our intermediate class. Once the intermediate program is completed, she may move to the final advanced sewing class. These skills empower the women to provide clothes and uniforms for their family and community. Upon completion of the advanced program, HEAL provides a sewing machine to the graduate so they can start their own business using the skills acquired in our program.
  • Business – The purpose of the business class is to equip women with business knowledge, which can then be used to support their vocational activities. Our hope is that they will be able to either work together as a group business or individually with the knowledge they obtain. Through the course of the class, women are also able to develop a strong group dynamic, see their strengths and weaknesses, and begin a dialogue about business which encourages further collaboration. Upon graduation, each graduate has completed a business plan that is monitored through our social work department to ensure success.
  • Artisan Program – The purpose of the artisan program is to allow the women to learn and develop a specific skill set in either rug making, jewelry design, pottery, or leather works. These skill sets will empower the women to become sustainable, equipping them to provide school fees, rent, and groceries for their families.

These programs are all made possible through donations from people like you. Donate now to contribute to the continuing of these educational programs.