A TEAM's Reflections...Part 2

We have a new team here and a few reflections below from a couple of team members that just left Jinja. It's hard to describe the relationships that form here in this place in just 2 weeks, but the only way that I can begin to explain it is this: God created us to be in relationship with each other and God is at the center of HEAL Ministries, so He is weaving love all around us! Heaven must be the biggest party going on that all starts with love right here for such a time as this....... "I have seen unconditional love all over Jinja, starting with HEAL Ministries! HEAL creates a safe, loving and supportive community for women and children all over Jinja, and it has been unbelievable to see all the ministries in the area work together for a common goal of showing Gods love and offering help to those in need. The way that HEAL works with families to keep families together is truly amazing to see! I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Jaja Tina and our missions team the past two weeks! Being able to do art with all these lovely ladies and to see their creativity come alive has been inspiring!" Sarah Gonzalez; Lipscomb University team member



"My time at HEAL has changed my life. I have enjoyed reaching others through the power of music and working side by side with the ladies and children. The stories they had to tell and the energy they put into worship was so inspiring. God is working in so many different ways at the James Place and all the surrounding villages in the area. It has been an honor to experience the love that all these people have to share. I am leaving a piece of my heart in Africa and hoping to return one day. The past two weeks will always be remembered with joy and love." Ashley Scire, Lipscomb University team member