Words from Elizabeth Wilcox, Year Long Intern at The James Place

The past week has been anything but dull. From midnight visits to the hospitals, decorating the Christmas tree in preschool and helping some of our staff move homes; the James Place has been in constant motion. In particular, we have had many visits to the hospitals these past two weeks. Winter is here, or moreover rainy season, and the mosquitos are terrible. Malaria is frequent which means many injections, drips and long nights spent away from home. We have a sweet baby girl named Evelyn, but I prefer Eva. She is 1-½ years old and the tiniest thing ever.

            She was born premature and malnourished. Her mother has an incredible life story. Evelyn is a gift to this earth and her smile captures the hearts of all that she encounters. The past two weeks, Evelyn was in the hospital. She had malaria, pneumonia and a serious infection. To see such a tiny human with so many sicknesses is heart wrenching. We took her to a hospital where they loved her, cared for her and never let little Eva out of their sight. Because of our donors, we are able to give the needed treatment. Without our sponsors, founders, supporters and God-loving followers; helping Evelyn stay alive would have been near impossible. All of the love and support is appreciated, every single day.

            I have first-handedly experienced what the hospitals are like here and witnessed what it is like for people with no money. $25 can save someone’s life here. $10 dollars can be the amount needed for someone to get the prescribed medication. $85 can pay for someone to sleep in a hospital and be monitored, ensuring that they heal properly. I am so grateful that we can help our women with transportation home, instead of alternatively walking miles. I am so grateful that we can take our staff to the doctor for typhoid or malaria. I am so grateful that we can take children to hospitals where they are loved. I am so grateful that we can feed our children three healthy meals a day. I am so grateful that we can teach our preschoolers their ABC’s, reading and writing, all before entering P1. I am so thankful that I can help support such a beautiful ministry. The James Place is not just somewhere that I volunteer; it is my home. The staff, women and children are MY family. I never thought that my heart would love the way that I do here. I never imagined that God would have blessed me so abundantly at the age of 24. EVERY single day gets better here.

            I am blessed to be a preschool ‘teacher’ and a administrative worker here at the James Place. Though I do not work with medicine, my heart is attached to these families that even if I am asleep at 4:00 a.m. and someone is in need of juice, I will go and help in anyway that I can. Life is not a demand but a gift. The appreciation and love that the James Place family has taught me, will forever be a part of my soul and life. Evelyn is alive, healthy, and living at the James Place thanks to people like YOU.


Elizabeth Wilcox