Words From an Intern's Heart

I write this post with much enthusiasm, and want to start by saying that I am so blessed and thankful to be here in Jinja, Uganda! Several past trips to Ethiopia have been the Lord's way of lighting a fire inside of me for overseas missions. I had been praying for another opportunity to serve in Africa and found out about HEAL Ministries! Long story short - after much prayer and seeking God's will, I find myself here at the James Place for three months, helping in any way I can and assisting with the preschool class! photo-5 copy 2

The kids here have completely stolen my heart...each one is so precious and unique, and it's been so fun discovering their individual personalities. The staff is beyond amazing. The time and effort these women and men pour into this ministry is inspiring! And it's been so neat getting to know these staff members and hearing their stories.


I am also seeing how HEAL is involved with other ministries in the area. The volunteers and staff get to connect with each other and raise awareness for the different organizations within the local ministry community. So far, I've been meeting so many amazing missionaries who have a passion for this place and these people. God truly is at work here!

I really love attending/leading the women's Bible studies. Never before have I been a part of worship that powerful! One afternoon, we all stood underneath a tree in Masese, singing praises to God. It didn't even matter that I couldn't speak their language. They were lifting their voices to our heavenly Father and it was simply beautiful. It was one of those moments where you feel you're standing on holy ground.

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Another favorite is sitting in the preschool class, hearing the kids' little voices singing songs about the love of Jesus and hearing them pray that God will protect, bless and prosper the James Place. The Lord is using this class to teach me the importance of education that is focused on Him, and how school should incorporate Jesus in every single aspect. I'm being inspired and prepared for my own class that I will one day lead.

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That's another God-moment I'm experiencing here. I struggle with the choice of going to college, and I honestly now feel the need to. I want to be a teacher, and besides having a degree to fall back on in necessary, I also just want the knowledge to make me a better one. Being here, I am getting a pretty good idea of what it would be like to teach in Africa, and I am loving it!! Through this preschool class at the James Place, I feel the Holy Spirit moving in mighty ways. There is nothing greater than growing children up in the Lord, and I want this to be my focus in teaching.

My heart is being torn in many directions - back to Ethiopia, at home with my family, and now, in this place. I'm not exactly sure where the Lord will have me go next, but I do know this - that He has me at the James' Place for a reason and a purpose - to glorify His name in every moment I am here!

Adeline Couch

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