Words From an Intern's Heart

A few thoughts from HEAL intern Jill Rhodes: Over the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to serve as an intern with HEAL. It's been full of worship, laughter, stories, joy, tears, prayers, heart, quality conversations and generosity.

HEAL is a ministry dedicated to serving women and their children, and above all, keeping the family together. God's idea for family is beautiful, and HEAL mimics just that. The opportunities HEAL provides for women include taking English, sewing, business and farming classes. At the end of the term, the women graduate with a certificate in each specific area. It's exciting to see The Lord at work with HEAL as a ministry, but even more exciting to see what He's changing and watering in the women.

photo 4

I want to emphasis the word opportunity. Opportunity is about progress and advancement. HEAL ministries gives opportunities to local Ugandan women here in Jinja, but not just in the classes that they offer. There are opportunities for friendship, spiritual growth, Biblical studies, sharing life, sharing hopes and dreams, laughter, learning life skills, impacting community and fellowship, just to name a few.

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This week I was able to experience many of these opportunities that HEAL has to offer. I've formed wonderful and memorable relationships with many of the women that will continue even after I return home. On Tuesday afternoon, I took a trip to Masese with the staff manager, Juliana, who I love dearly. We arrived to find women focused on learning about how to create a successful business. I was inspired by how many women were eager to ask questions and to learn. It's never too late to learn or to start an unfamiliar project. Not only were these women learning about business, they were encouraging one another, intrigued, and always full of laughs.

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Opportunity...it's endless with HEAL Ministries. The Lord has great plans for every aspect of the ministry and for all who are involved with it. The power and presence of Jesus is alive here in Uganda! He is at work in the hearts of the women, in their finances, in their hopes and desires, in their families, in their communities and in their relationships. It's a beautiful picture and story that God is creating. HEAL is blessing women, and will be for years to come.

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