Why I Love the James Place...

Over the past ten months I have had the pleasure of watching families thrive. The James Place is a safe haven. Every morning as women enter our gates, smiles are worn and hugs are given. Jesus radiates through our women, staff and children. Apart from learning how to be sustainable, we are providing our women with nutritious meals, a place for their children, and a God-loving environment.

There have been many heartbreaks throughout my time. Women’s houses have been broken into. Their husbands have left them with 8 children. There have been deaths, some their children, some husbands, some parents. The rain has destroyed some of our women’s houses. Some women can’t pay school fees for their children. But through all of this despair, there is hope. There is love. There is prayer. There is faith. I have watched our women pick themselves up off the ground and sacrifice what they need to in order to provide for their families. They never let Satan win. God always won. They still walk through our gates every morning, baring all that they are enduring and greet you with the warmest smile and sincere hug.

What I have witnessed is not a miracle, it is not made up, it is not luck; it is the Lord. He is working through me, our staff, our women and even our children. I have never been in a greater place of love. I didn’t understand what the James Place did exactly before I came. I knew that their mission was to help vulnerable and abandoned women and children, but it goes deeper than that. We are helping women that have been turned away, left and forsaken and we love them just as Jesus loves us. THEY are the James Place. Our families embody Christ and spread the word because we are keeping their families together. But it is not us, it is truly God. I have seen the family preservation. I have seen the excitement on a child when his single mother comes to pick him up. I have seen children run across the entire property into the arms of their loving mother. I have seen so much more than I could ever describe. How lucky I am to be apart of such an amazing organization. We are all truly blessed to have people that love us. We are blessed to be Gods hands and feet. God is working away, rebuilding families, saving families, protecting families and loving families at the James Place. Take my word for it; I have learned how to love more because of our families here. They are changing me. They are teaching me and I am so grateful. I am soaking up my last two months. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my second home! 

by Elizabeth Wilcox, Volunteer Intern