While I'm Here...

IMG_6971 It's been quite difficult to stay mentally busy enough to keep my mind off Uganda while in the states. When God places you in a new home, it's just simply.....hard to be away from home. But what I've learned the last couple of months are far more valuable than anything I have ever learned.


God revealed to me in a very real and powerful way that His ministry is sufficient and that it will run according to His plan. We have 20 full time staff and 8 more part time staff and our totally Ugandan led organization is thriving in my absence. Wilbur, one of our employees, told me that the first time I went away he was worried but he learned that in my absence, everyone stepped up. Wilbur said that he had no worries this time because he knew that everything was going to be okay and that Trey was a great leader. We also have awesome interns that give time and service to help run things for the least of these.

Childcare is still operating with 50 children full time. Preschool is still operating with 14 children. And 100 ladies are still attending bible studies, sewing classes, rug and bead making, pottery, and farming and English classes. The kids in the community still attend KIDS Club every Saturday.



While I'm away, I've been reminded the importance of just showing up. We showed up several years ago on Ugandan soil and the results of what happened are not because of anything that I did. I could not have caused all that is going on at the James Place. I was obedient to His calling and just showed up. Then miraculous things started happening. We started getting staff that has been so wonderful in leadership and a staff that loves each other. We started having volunteers from the community and from visitors showing up to help. We had teams that came and bought supplies needed. We had the exact number of emergency shelter rooms each time there was a true crisis. We had medical clinics that provided care for hundreds and lives were saved as a result of that. We had checks that came in right when money was needed. We had young girls deciding to keep babies and FAMILY became the theme. Because we just showed up. IMG_0061


IMG_7181Things are running just fine while I'm away spreading awareness about the ministry, which confirms that God is in control. It confirms that sometimes, we just need to show up. We just need to answer the call that God gives us and it's not even about being brave. It's about showing up and trusting. It's about having the faith that if we are obedient, God will provide. The James Place is an awesome place. I could take a lot of credit, but it would be wrong. It is actually one of the coolest places that I have ever seen developed by God. I have a front row seat and I'm humbled to call it home and blessed to get to return! While I'm away, I realize what an amazing privilege this is! IMG_4971