What Is HEAL Ministries?

It is always so rewarding to hear team members explain what HEAL does - because the Lord is the one that is always glorified. After spending yesterday with the women's ministry of HEAL in Bible studies and dance, and then today spending our usual Saturday with over 200 children in KIDS Club......I asked the team members to share what they think HEAL does. I was able to sit back and just watch today....watch the team members serve, play and enjoy the children and the staff. They have been so blessed by the Ugandans and the Ugandans have been blessed and loved well by them. These are a few thoughts from a few team members... "HEAL Ministries is a way for abandoned women and children to reconstruct their lives and reconnect with God. For most women, it is a light after they have been traveling through darkness. HEAL welcomes abandoned women and children with open arms and is always ready to serve God. Serving with HEAL has been an eye-opening experience that has made me see the true purpose of life: to serve God the way he intended." From Izzy Essary

"HEAL Ministries does so many amazing things. First of all, pit provides opportunities for abandoned women to start a new life. Because of its daycare, it allows women to find a job and provide for their families. HEAL Ministries also allows women to learn new skills, such as business, sewing, and English. Most importantly, HEAL helps people find God. Through its service to these women and children, God is brought into many of their lives. They conduct Bible studies and have inspiring praise and worship meetings. Being here has allowed me to see the full effects of HEAL, and I am grateful that I have been able to a part of it." From Annie Stevens.

"HEAL Ministries is an organization that works to help abandon women and children in Jinja, Uganda. It would not run without Tina and Trey Weir and the James Place. They help women by providing classes, daycare, and most importantly, Bible studies. Everything that goes on at the James Place is done for the sole purpose of lifting up the Lord, and praising him. The people here beam with joy because their faith is so strong. Everyone is loving, kind, giving and the presence of the God is powerful. I have fallen in love with Uganda, and made relationships with people I will never forget thanks to HEAL Ministries." From Erin Anderson