Travel Day of Uganda

Today was the first day in Uganda - after 17 hours on the plane - we were ready to crash in the hotel last night. This morning, the bus picked us up to travel the 2-1/2 hours to Jinja from Entebbe - and we had a flat. Normally, this is a very frustrating time - flat tires - however, we found joy in this particular flat tire. Joet - the bus driver was so joyful and kind and made us all feel so safe. His perspective on the event was one that we could all learn from.

We also met the family that lived right next to where the flat occurred. The ladies brought their baby to show us and although there was a language barrier, there was no barrier when we took photos of them. They were laughing at their pictures and so excited about the pictures of the baby. Maybe it was the first time they had seen their baby in a photograph. Regardless, they were elated to see the photos and thrilled to laugh a few minutes with the girls.
Simplicity is the word that kept coming to the team's minds tonight. Everything here seems more simple. Simple in a good way. There are no distractions here that we normally have back in the states. As we walked to town, the children would run over and smile and say hello and hold our hands. It is funny to hear them yell "muzungu" which means "white person". They are receiving and welcoming.
God showed up in a big way today to all of us. He showed us that in a very short time, one can grow very fond of His people in a different environment and that no matter what the circumstances, we are all the same needing a saviour that created us all.
We are a small team in Uganda but we believe that we can do BIG things because of God and we are most excited to see where He leads as we continue our journey tomorrow in a special needs orphanage.
We are hopeful that we will see everything in the right perspective as our bus driver did (in God's perspective). We were reminded during devotion tonight that as poor as the people of Uganda seem, they have the stars at night to light up their yards, Lake Victoria and the Nile River, Rainforests and mountains to view His beautiful creation, and that joy comes from the heart. That no matter what one's circumstances are, choosing God's perspective is always the best way.