Through An Intern's Eyes

Me - "That song we just sang - what was it about?"Moreen - "We were singing 'what makes us most happy...that we will one day all be together again in heaven.'"


Being a part of the Bible studies with the women of Masese has been a huge, unexpected blessing during my time here in Jinja. I knew going into this that I would become attached to the children, and I have, but I had no idea God would build such strong friendships between me and the women in HEAL's program. The way they have welcomed me into their Bible studies and treated me as a family member amazes me and makes me feel so loved. I spoke to my sister recently via Skype and told her that I now have many other mothers and grandmothers who live in Masese!


I have also had the privilege of hearing a few of their testimonies and am amazed by what they have shared. God has brought them so far and continues to bless them. It's such a joy to share with each other - all of the good times and the struggles - and to hear repeatedly how God has been there with us every step of the way.

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Above all, the thing that makes my new friends so special is their love for our Father. He is their rock and their provider. He is everything to them, and this is lived out every day. I love the way they are hungry for the Word of God, and their hunger inspires me and makes me crave reading His Word. Never before have I been so excited to study the Bible.

I know that God has truly used these Bible studies and these women to bring me closer to Him - and for this I am so thankful and blessed beyond belief!

Adeline Couch