The team arrives for the dedication at La Provadencia

Pictured below are a few pics that show the celebration as the team started out their mission experience.  The dedication dinner was not only beautiful, its main focus was the Providence Children as seen displayed here in the black and white photos.  Maggie Bibbs is shown here with a beautiful little boy that has been given a home!  He lives in the first family's home and has had surgery on his lips.

Robert and Evan McCarthy are shown trying to hold down another little boy that lives in the first home.......quite the typical fun and active little tike!!  His brother, Douglas, is pictured here with his head down on the table:  a table that he will use for years to come in his new school and lunch room!  The Commodore (dining hall and temporary school) is pictured to the right.  The bell tower overlooks the mountains of Honduras and the view reminds us all why we are here.  We, the Spring Break Mission Team, thought we were coming to build a playground and to assists with the dedication of this new building.  What we have learned is that God is much bigger than that:  we have come to love on the Providence children, to build a playground and to grow closer to Christ!