Thankful For God's Love

Thankful for God's love This is the month that others think about love....the month of Valentine's day. We are launching a campaign for others to join us in the community of love in Jinja. Join us by signing up for the Ticket for Love. You can put others first by giving up just one movie ticket a month OR two coffees...or anything! Even in such small acts of self-sacrifice you can give to those in need.


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We get to witness first hand this love that Christ talks about. Love that transforms people! Christ said "We love because He first loved us." We are seeing others love each other well and that includes new, young mama's learning this unconditional love with babies that they did not want to keep.

One of the blessings that I received while staying in the states for medical purposes, is a sweet story that Trey shared with me. We have tried very hard to teach sustainability and every now and then God gives us the privilege of seeing the fruits of our labor.

Two young girls at the age of 16 are in our program and they both have one-year old babies. The babies are in our childcare program as we are trying to teach them that their family is just as important as any other family. They have been asking for us to pay their school fees and we explained that we do not have any type of school sponsorship at this time. However, what we can offer is work.....and we gave these two young ladies a challenge to make a certain amount of rugs that they learned to make in sewing and crafts: we would purchase those rugs from them and in turn sell them. But we offered for them to get paid immediately if they needed the money to enroll back in school.

Last week they met Trey at the James Place with all the rugs! The rugs were beautifully done and inspected by our sewing instructor. The money given to them enrolled them into school and purchased all their school requirements. They bounced back to the James Place giving Trey all the receipts. What a joyous and beautiful story of God's love and redemption. Two young ladies that were depressed and beaten down by society a year ago, are today......joyful. They are confident. They are brave. They are working to make money and learning about life in a positive way with Christ at the center of it. And today, they are in school. Their babies are being cared for while at school at the James Place (their safe haven) and they are learning that while life dealt them a pretty stinky hand........that they have a CHOICE to choose HOPE and to move forward. AND the most beautiful part of this story is that they have a sense of family. Their babies are beautiful and healthy and they have embraced their extended family at the James Place.

They have learned the true meaning of love. God's love. We need your help in this campaign to love others well. Join us. You'll be blessed beyond measure knowing that your $10 a month goes to people like Rebecca and Faith; the two 16 year olds that are back in school today......choosing to keep their babies......all because of LOVE!

Blessings and love from Jaja Tina!