Thank You To Our Donors! From Our Social Worker In the Field, Kara Little

Wherever you travel in the world, you will always find a need for social work.  Here at HEAL Ministries, the social work department is a crucial component in effectively ministering to the children and families.  There are countless daily opportunities to make a positive impact in the children and families’ lives, even if that is simply through playing with the children in the child care program, or sitting and talking through solutions with a mother who doesn’t know how she will afford the basic medicine needed for her sick infant.  The social work department is responsible for various roles for successful operation of the ministry.  HEAL Ministries operates an emergency shelter where abandoned/widowed women can find a safe haven for themselves and their children.  The need for the emergency shelter has already been proven, as multiple families have entered the shelter, learned basic life skills, and are now successfully supporting themselves and their families.  Some families have entered HEAL’s gates believing they were dropping their children off at an orphanage.  Instead they become a part of the HEAL family and are truly loved unconditionally.  Thanks to HEAL, families are staying together and are happier, healthier, and developing closer relationships with not only one another, but the Lord as well.  To witness the transformation from a mother wanting to leave her children, to a mother fighting to keep her family together is unlike anything you can imagine. 

These types of transformations are only made possible through the generous donations of donors like you.  HEAL truly is making a life-changing impact on the children and families that enter the gates.  You can easily see it in the contagious smile and laughter of a child who is joyfully playing on the beautifully landscaped HEAL compound.  At HEAL; children are in a safe place where they can simply be children.  They are only responsible for getting extremely dirty and playing until they are exhausted.  You can hear the impact in the weekly praise and worship singing as the women passionately thank God for life.  Abandoned and widowed women are able to come together in a safe place to learn sustainable skills, form friendships, and grow closer in their relationship with our Lord.  No donation goes to waste at HEAL.  Every dollar helps provide nutritious meals, access to health care, education, and even more importantly is administered with love through the devoted staff, volunteers, and interns.  Healing is needed, Healing is wanted, and Healing is occurring because of the commitment and generosity of donors like you.  Thank you for answering the Lord’s call to empower Ugandans.  Through your giving, Ugandans are empowering the next generation through Healing, love, and a committed relationship with our Savior.

Kara Little