Splashing the Saturday away!

oday is very hot in Jinja. Many locals are very frustrated with the power situation. It seems that the power is on for 12 or so hours and then off for 12 or more hours. There are rumors that it will be moving to some days having 24 hours on and 24 hours off. Businesses (especially supermarkets and restaurants) will be most effected by this. I don't really understand the reason but praying that this will be resolved soon! I ate something that did not agree with me today........probably due to food sitting for so long and probably due to my puny immune system getting adjusted to Uganda!

After visiting the Canaan Children's Home again today, I left forgetting that I even felt bad and was glad that I went. The children were so excited and the teenagers are very excited about starting a Bible Study each week. All of the kids had just finished lunch and were cleaning the dishes and drying out corn to mash and make pocio. The Canaan Children's Home and the Canaan School both have a fresh coat of paint and looks very nice!
I talked with one young man that we have built a relationship with the last couple of years named John. He is 18 years old and attends a boarding school now. He no longer resides at Canaan but came out to visit with me today. His story of education desires and wanting to be a doctor encouraged me. He is very bright and has a strong passion for the Lord. I asked him if he needed anything at school and he said he needed a pillow. Most 18 year old boys would ask for many things but probably not a pillow. John has polio and never uses it as an excuse. He is a determined young man that has a positive story of how a Ugandan orphanage served him well.
I was glancing at Robert washing dishes after his meal and just watched him and another little boy for a few minutes. I thought about how responsible they are at such a young age and how content they were in their situation. Then, just as I was thinking that, Robert started splashing the water up and then on his friend! I guess that ole saying "boys will be boys" is true everywhere! No matter where children are on this earth, they are all the same. They love to play and they all need Jesus! Robert splashed away for several minutes on a hot Saturday afternoon until his Auntee caught him and then he went back to being a responsible little boy washing dishes.
I learn alot from the children at Canaan. They teach me more than I feel like I ever teach them. They are determined; they love to learn; they are responsible; they love to play; they help each other out and they love hearing about the many stories in the Bible. Their passion for life is one that will stay with me all of my days.