Servant's Hearts

I get the pure pleasure of seeing a team transform from willing servants to hearts full of love and joy because of serving.  The team here now has been so busy:  They helped the mamas learn to make key chains at Serving His Children (a malnutrition program training mothers to care for their children), painting Amani Baby Cottage's new site, taking the children from Ekisa swimming, assisting with the kids' club and women's bible studies at Masese, and talking to the children in the classrooms at Canaan Primary School.

I was amazed at how the team just took charge and owned the crafts for the mamas at Serving His Children.  They were so willing to serve and help and their love of teaching and getting to know the mamas was a dose of encouragement that they needed.  Serving His Children is an incredible organization that reaches out to those that need education in caring for their children.  I love that they assists the poor in learning how to take care of their own.  It is astonishing to see the children's before and after pictures.  To see a child so malnourished that he cannot hold his cup to drink is so sad and then to see just a few weeks later the amazing difference this program makes in a child that can begin to hold his cup.  For more information about this program go to: 

Ekisa is another organization that HEAL loves to work with.  They have disabled children that have special needs and today was one of those days that placed a forever smile in our hearts.  We were able to assists the staff in taking 14 of the children swimming.  The laughter and fun in the pool was so contagious that hotel guests were smiling and taking photos.  One lady from an organization that was meeting and eating there came up to the group and simply said "Thank you so much for loving these children well."  The two young lady's that started the organization started at Amani Baby Cottage and are doing an amazing work for the Lord.  To find out more information about this organization go to:

Amani Baby Cottage is moving locations.  They haved purchased land and a building.  The existing building is being remodeled and three new baby cottages are being built.  They are in need of about $50,000 to finish the location.  The team is working on painting the cottages right now and we have a couple of artists on the team that will paint scriptures on the walls of each cottage.  To find out more about this wonderful organization please go to:
HEAL Ministries has always been about TEAMS - and part of being a team in God's kingdom is working with others.  The team here now is seeing first hand the importance of building relationships with other like-minded organizations in the Jinja area.  I am thankful that they are here helping to strengthen these relationships and to show the love of Christ through a servant's heart.

Roman 15:1-3  "As for us who are strong, our duty is to bear with the weaknesses of those who are not strong, and not seek our own pleasure. Let each of us endeavor to please his fellow Christian, aiming at a blessing calculated to build him up. For even the Christ did not seek His own pleasure..."