Saturday Miracle

A week ago, last Saturday, a miraculous thing happened! I have been visiting the Wax slum and the fishing village for two years. This is predominantly muslims and catholics. They are not welcoming, they do not allow photos, and they really have not wanted anyone to communicate with them. Of all the slums, this is the toughest, in my opinion. Everyone goes to Masese and they are used to mzungus. The only mzungus that travel through the fishing village regularly are those that are wanting to get in a boat to ride on the Nile. But on this particular Saturday, March 23, the Lord prepared the way! After all these visits - something happened. God showed up and the barriers were broken! Not in just one place - but both places! Everyone welcomed us with smiles as Regina (translator) and I purchased bananas from them for the kids club program! All of the children WERE ALLOWED to run up to me as they yelled JA JA TINA.......I took Regina to translate and we walked around both villages inviting the children to the kids club program at the James Place and we made sure that we told the mamas. We did this for two hours.......


at 2:00 pm - I thought nobody was coming.

at 2:15 pm - about 25 kids showed up.


by 2:30 pm - we had over 250 kids AND ABOUT 25 MAMAS stayed and were singing "jesus loves me"



It was the most fun EVER and I teared up several times - I could not have done it without the wonderful help from the translators and workers from Pastor Andrew's church. We were most excited to see who would show up the following Saturday to hear the rest of the Easter story.

Then today - Saturday, March 30, 308 children showed up! They not only heard the rest of the story about Easter they were singing Jesus Loves Me in English and Luganda so loud that it drew in more people asking about HEAL Ministries.

We had games and songs and picked up on the Easter story they began listening to a week ago.

He is Risen! And that is the rest of the story they LOVED to hear!