Sabana Grande, Honduras

After seeing the team off in San Pedro, I traveled to Tegucigalpa and Sabana Grande with Douglas (a translator that works with Providence), Brandi and Trey.  In Sabana Grande, we met a man that started a factory to employ the local village people.  He also started a program that feeds the children in school and assists their families.   There is a home for the elderly and we got to meet one lady that lives there as a widow.  In the factory, the workers are very skilled at making crafts such as pottery, wood products, corn husks products, welding, etc.  The close up picture of the clay pot being molded was a sweet reminder of my own life and how God has molded and shaped me along the way.   

The children pictured with me are in the after school program.  
It was a blessing to be able to talk to the children about their school, families and the foundation that feeds them.  They all love school and they all said they enjoyed learning about the Bible.  I'll posts more about the foundation in Sabana Grande for you all to read about tomorrow.  Please pray for the children that we met here in this sweet village. 

It was fun to get a candid shot of a few of the children laughing and playing:  some out in their yards.  
Sabana Grande is a sweet place to see God at work!  We were here only two days and then left by bus to El Salvador.  The bus ride to El Salvador from Tegucigalpa was quite an experience and was a long 6 hour ride.