Remembering to laugh and love!

It's been a month of exciting changes at the James Place. The James Place (appropriately named after James 1:27) is a safe haven for so many abandoned women and children. HEAL Ministries is known as a place of rest here in Jinja. A place where one can learn to be happy with the family God has given them. A place to learn and grow. IMG_3670

We have seen growth and change that only comes from above. Families are going through counseling and learning to forgive. Families are learning that hand-outs are not the answer and that education and Christ hold the key to their future.

Something as simple as water changes a hot day into smiling sunshine! That's what happened when Trey was watering the farming plot. He decided to squirt one of the kids and soon they were all running over to get cool, fun relief from the Ugandan scorching sun! Within ten minutes, they were all stripped naked and having a blast!


I watched the children play and laugh and have so much fun. I watched as the moms slowly came out of the classrooms to see what the laughter was about. I watched the moms smiling as they watched their children having a great time at the James Place. I saw women that came in looking sad......change expressions to joy and contentment. We are all the same. We want our children to be happy and to have normal childhoods.

For a moment in the water today, all was forgotten. Here, they could laugh and forget what lies beyond the James Place gate. They could laugh and learn and know that HOPE is what awaits.

While we teach about family, Christ, business, English, sewing, farming, parenting, hygiene and much more..........we remember to stop sometimes and just spray the children with water and love. For no other reason.......than to just laugh and love!