Reflections on The James Place

Sydney WebberUpon seeing it for the first time, the James Place already looked inviting. With the colorful tires and volleyball net in front of the main building, it gave me the feeling of security and safety in a completely foreign place. And the James Place really is a place for feeling just that. With citizens of Jinja working as the teachers, caretakers, and cooks, the James Place provides jobs to take care of young Ugandan children, aged between 1-6. What really sets it apart, however, is the emergency shelters it offers for women in a time of need. Whether they are widowed, pregnant, or simply escaping from abuse, these shelters give them protection, food, and most of all, support for these women for a few months, until they are fully ready to support themselves. So while the James Place cares for the children enrolled, it also takes care of the staff and whoever else needs assistance, making it an important institution for Ugandans of any age.


Alexandra Hulme What is The James Place? The James Place is volleyball. It is colorful tires on the hill. It is broken english and lunches with no forks. It is swings and happy children. What is The James Place? It is joy, laughter, and Bible study. It is singing and dancing. It is potty time, bath time, and clean-up time. What is the James Place to me? There is only 1 word that adequately describes The James Place, and that is love. Love from children, women, men, teams, and Tina. The James Place is a promise for a better future. Here, friendships are made, relationships are strengthened, and growth is evident. It starts with love at The James Place, a whole lot of love.


Jayne-Stuart Garber Each day The James Place provides kids and women with opportunities to better themselves. I got the opportunity to see this first hand on one Sunday, when The James Place was closed to the kids, and I was playing volleyball. One by one the kids across the street came to the fence and reached their tiny hand through. They wanted to come in so badly. That is a direct example of how special The James Place is to them. They want to be here every day because The James Place provides love, and community that the kids crave. The James Place is so unique in the way that it keeps families together and provides resources for those who need.