Reflections from Team Members

Bridget Thompson, a member of our recent medical team, left the James Place and had this to say:

“First, I just want to say THANK YOU for the opportunity to go and see the amazing things that are going on in Jinja! I truly felt the Holy Spirit working in and around us the entire time we were there!

I was immediately overwhelmed by all of the different ways that God has taken a simple idea that he gave Tina Weir (a Bible study with the women of Masese) and developed it, growing piece by piece, into something completely different and even more beautiful. He has truly used this and to enhance and enrich the lives of the people in Jinja and the surrounding villages. Women and children there in the area are being taught about God's love for them, while at the same time having their physical needs met. It's a beautiful thing. Ladies are given the opportunity to make a way for them when they probably would feel very little hope otherwise. Hope is such a gift, and when given, impacts so deeply!

The community medical clinic day was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Seeing all the people from the surrounding area come there seeking help was like a picture of all of us and how we come to the Lord; dirty, broken, aching, and in need of someone to hold out a hand and show love. Everyone I met that day impacted me greatly. From taking the muddy shoes off of sweet little feet, to helping precious ladies roll up their sleeves to have their blood pressure taken...every moment was beautiful. It was as if God was showing me how to see others through His own eyes...and for that I am so grateful.

It was also so amazing seeing how God is also using HEAL along with the other area ministries in Jinja...what a community! He is really weaving a tapestry of love between everyone and showing how creative He truly is to help his children! I love that!”

Christi Morris, the medical team leader, had this to say:  

“Let me start by saying "thank you." I feel like those 2 words could never fully express how I feel but know that I mean it whole-heartedly.  Through that trip, God has revealed so much to me and so much for my future.  God broke my heart for things that breaks His and allowed me to see other ministries to be involved with in my life that I before had never thought of.

Being on the campus of HEAL at the James Place, my eyes were opened totally to the need to be involved with women’s' ministries.  I have always been involved with children ministries and always shied away from women’s' ministries because I felt that they "weren't my thing".  Now after being involved with the women of HEAL, I am excited to begin the process of starting a women’s' Bible study to get into more community with women in my life.  I did not realize to what extent I needed that in my life.

The other thing that struck me so much about HEAL was that all the parts of HEAL have grown from a Bible study in the Masese slums. WOW. That rocked me to the core.  God took a simple "yes" from the founder, Tina Weir, to get to know those women and worship with them and built all the parts of HEAL that are still growing now.  I have often ran from callings in my life because I tried to see the big picture and let it scare me away instead of looking at the ONE thing that God is calling me to and just doing it.  I now am excited to start a journey to figure out what's next for my future in my career.”

HEAL is truly grateful for all of the people that volunteer with us. Whether it's stateside or in Jinja, every person who helps blesses the ministry and the people we are serving. Thank you for your time.