Reflections from Jordan: His HEAL experience

    • While watching women of a local village in Jinja dance the other day, I started thinking about how different their culture is. I started noticing when they dance it comes totally out of feeling, a dance led from the heart. When asked by the women to do a Mzungu dance (white people dance) we all did the mocarana. You can imagine how silly we felt after seeing these women do this beautiful dance that is so culturally rich and then here we come doing these few simple movements and switching sides. The women liked it, or at least they acted like they did anyway.
      I left that village feeling as if I am culturally poor in a sense. Later that night I was thinking about how different their faith is and how it is led from the heart much like their dancing. Our dance is this set of memorized moves that to be real, lacks a lot of feeling. I began to see how a relationship with God is like an african dance led from the heart rather than a feelingless movement.
      So my time here in Africa is teaching me how to dance this dance, how to lead from my heart, how to listen and be open to the voice of God. The people of Uganda have inspired me to say the least, I am learning so much through their love and their faith in God. I thank God for the people who surround me, my team, the kids, the locals, they are blessing my life more than they will ever know.
      The way these kids love is unbelievable. Opening a van door and having a kid who has never met you jump into your arms and five more grabbing your shirt and hands, feeling this huge wave of love hit is truly beautiful. I encourage everyone to come and experience it.
      As I lay here in bed nearing sleep I feel content, knowing I am exactly where I am supposed to be.