Red Clay like Dirt Days in Uganda

Today was the first day to get my feet dirty as they say...........and literally dirty here. I love the red clay like dirt! The red dirt road where I am living leads me straight to the Amani Baby Cottage. I started the day out by visiting Amani Baby Cottage and observing several things. There was a dad that is in a sponsorship program and he was visiting Amani to seek out advice and funds on some poor choices that he made. I was impressed with the calmness and confidence that the Amani staff handled the situation but more than that it reminded me of the vast needs here. There are so many hurting people and so many people that just do not know how to make ends meet. They do not have the tools needed to get out of their situation. When I see the reality of this it makes me realize the importance of places like Amani and many others that are giving second chances for life to babies that would otherwise have a very sad and possibly terminal fate.

I am working with the director and supervisor at Amani to assists in setting up a curriculum and structured schedule for the preschool and toddlers. They really don't "need" me but I'm so happy to be a part of this. I'll be developing the schedule and curriculum (along with the Amani staff) that we hope to implement in the next few days.
While at Amani, I was able to to see the baby that arrived with HIV a few months ago. I remember when I first saw the pictures of baby Joram he looked so tiny and sick and was near death. Today he is still small, but his ribs are not showing anymore and he is eating and growing. For him to be able to hold his own cup (that is almost as big as he is) is such an accomplishment and testament to the good care given at Amani. I also am struggling with the needs of the children that are not adopted before aging out such as a five year old little girl that is at Amani. God is working in my heart about this very matter. There was another need brought to my attention today that I'll be researching and requesting much prayer: There is a HUGE need to assists teenage girls here that are having babies. There are girls as young as 14 years of age having babies. Babies having babies with no place to go. Many times they are raped and many times are abandoned by family. Sometimes these young girls do not have anyone that will help them. They need hope and a promise of a future.
I know that I can't solve all problems while here and I know that I am a small tool in the workshop that God is using, but I also know that I am a chosen servant that has been called to look after those orphans and widows and abandoned women in distress and my God is bigger than any crisis in Uganda. Until I figure out exactly what Heal Ministries will be focusing on here, I'll work, research, pray and rely on the One that sent me and to love on those living in the red clay dirt.