Why Preschool Is Successful

Teacher Rebecca and Teacher Aisha with Preschool Students

Teacher Rebecca and Teacher Aisha with Preschool Students

The James Place Preschool and day-care is a center where children are the first priority and above all Christ centered.

It has helped the community in the following ways:

- It has helped children to grow spiritually and morally upright.

- The James Place Preschool has brought development in the community for example since it’s affordable; many parents are able to get their children education services.

- The James Place Preschool has created employment opportunities to people in the community such as teachers, cooks, cleaners etc., and this has improved  their families’ standard of living.

- It has improved the nutrition of the children because of the balanced diet given at school.  The children receive breakfast, lunch and two nutritional snacks.

- Preschool has created good relationships in the community

- It has helped children grow holistically and improved the children’s self-esteem.

- It has given families hope and encouraged the community all around.


We believe we are changing the next generation of Uganda and are beginning to break the cycle of poverty. 


Lead Teachers, Aisha and Rebecca