Overwhelming Joy

Before walking into the James Place, I had fears of being inadequate and unworthy of the job set before me, in a place where I knew no one and had been stripped of everything comfortable; but from the first step I took inside, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy – a joy that can only come from the Lord. In the book of 1 Peter it talks about how when you believe in Jesus you are filled with an INEXPRESSIBLE and GLORIOUS joy and that is so evident here at the James Place because Jesus is the center of all the work being done. The women have taught me what it looks like to serve with abundant joy and the children have taught me what it looks like to love with endless joy.

The Lord has taught me through the James Place the freedom that comes from truly finding joy in the day to day life that comes from fully surrendering and trusting in God’s plans. The James Place is building up world changers by teaching them about the pure joy found in Jesus, ultimately and radically changing their lives, which has been a JOY to watch first hand.

- Lauren Crow, Volunteer Intern