One Step at a Time

There are three babies that are being raised by teenage moms.  These moms should not be moms and yet they are.  All three have tragic stories that God has turned into a blessing.  All three stories remind me that at the end of the day, God is God and He makes no mistakes.

For the sake of privacy, I’ll leave out their names at this time.  One mom was raped. One mom was forced into prostitution.  One mom just made a bad decision, but all three moms have beautiful blessings.  All three moms have children that are learning to walk.  They are taking their first steps; the babies are taking their first steps and the moms are taking their first steps towards a better future.

One mom is in school.  One mom is learning to be a tailor, so that she can have her own sewing business.  The third mom is in our artisan program creating beautiful products.  All three moms are good moms. I asked each one what the difference in their lives is today compared to two years ago prior to the James Place: “I have learned that family is family no matter what.  Family can mean a mom and a baby and that God does not make mistakes.”  Another response was “Since I’ve been coming to the James Place, God has shown me what I should be thankful for and that I am blessed.”  The third response was “I have learned where true love comes from.”

As I type this I realize that these three very special young ladies have been a focal point as to why The James Place even started.  God showed us that families sometimes need a stepping-stone to get to the next phase in life.  Some of us are blessed to have family and friends and community that help us make it to the next stage while others are not so blessed.  The James Place has become that community support for women just like these three. 


The James Place teaches (through community) others about love, sharing and God.  These women are fighting obstacles that I can’t imagine.  They are all being kicked out of their sweet little mud huts in the next couple of months and yet they still walk about 4000 steps to the James Place everyday.  4000 steps toward sustainability and family preservation.  Can you imagine?  4000 steps every day toward one common goal of Love.  Each step starts with love and ends with hope.

Will you join us in these steps?  Will you walk 4000 steps to raise funds for The James Place?  We are seeking more STEP-a-thons in America.  We have about 30 right now in different cities listed on the website and we need more.  Or you can join one that is already being hosted.  We are asking YOU to join us in this walk that the abandoned women take everyday.  Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others.  Together, we can change the world one step at a time. For more information about STEP-a-thons, click here

Tina Weir, Director of the James Place