November 2, 2009 - best birthday I can remember!

Today was a blessed day!  I'm so thankful to God for giving me another year to live and most appreciative of Him having me serving His desired people on my special day!  I spent the day at the Calcutta village school which is located just outside of the Corozal town.  The school is called Concepcion School and the principal is Esther Mendez.  The pictures show the children at morning devotion where they have prayer, songs, the weekly Bible memory verse and announcements for the day.  Today, the announcement was a surprise to me!  They sang a beautiful birthday song in English and Spanish and then sang a song asking me how old I was!  They are so joyful and just the healing a soul needs!

This is a classroom that wanted me to take their picture.  The children are so proud of their uniforms, teachers, principal and school.  I gave one class a devotion and asked them what they could think of that they could pray to God to be thankful for:  they all said the same, that they had a home, clothes and food.  Many of the children that said this come from very poor families and some are single parent homes.  And, yet......they have learned at a very young age through many trials that their Heavenly Father will never forsake them and loves them very much.   I was very humbled leaving the school today because I felt like the children taught me......not me teaching them!  The school needs several things that the Principal and I are working on for the Spring Break trip.  This mission trip will be one that is sure to bless anyone attending.  I hope that as you read this, you will pray about attending a village that needs help and love.