More Reflections from the Harpeth Hall Team

More reflections from the team..... oliviaC & corinneOlivia Caldwell To me, the James Place is a place that welcomes people of all kinds to be immersed in the culture of Uganda, as well as help teach women and children to care and provide for themselves. However, although we are here to help the Ugandans, I feel they have helped me more than I could ever imagine. Through different activities, whether it be playing with the kids or helping the women in the kitchen, I have built strong relationships with and been blessed by everyone here at the James Place!

corinneCorinne Gibson The James Place means a new beginning: for the women, the children, and even the teams that come here. By teaching these women life skills and providing childcare, the James Place offers endless opportunities that these people could not have elsewhere. Although we are not taking classes, I feel as though I learn something each day from the ladies, staff, and my fellow team members. I have learned patience from the way that the staff put on smiling faces even for the children that cry or won't listen. I have learned grit from the ladies who face each day without fear despite their problems at home. Most importantly, I have learned that LOVE DOES. True love is giving your talents and your time selflessly to another, even when it is not easy. It is safe to say that the people at the James Place have given me infinitely more than I could have ever given them. Quote from Corinne: "The one thing that I did not realize before arriving is the importance of the childcare program! It is a wonderful thing to see in action and to see the women that benefit from it allowing them to attend classes and to work. The children have schedules and preschool and are learning about God's word."

oliviaWOlivia Wilson The James Place is a nurturing environment that allows women and children to grow beyond their pre-existing potential. It acts as a stable and close-knit community that focuses on building and maintaining relationships that will better the lives of the students and the staff. The James Place has not only taught me how to build a stronger relationship, but also has exposed me to a welcoming Ugandan culture and group of people. I am so thankful to have met the James Place community, and I hope I have made an impact on their lives as great as the one they have made on mine.

I've heard the phrase "unconditional love" throughout my childhood; whether it was pertaining to my family or God's love, it wasn't until I arrived at the James Place that I truly began to understand what that LOVE looks like. I've experienced a kind of LOVE here that doesn't care about my age, my color, my nationality, or which language I speak. It is a LOVE that does not discriminate. This is the kind of LOVE that every person here at the James Place practices and has shown me and the other team members. I hope that because I understand loving unconditionally now, I will be able to LOVE like they do here once I leave the James Place. Quote from Mary Britton: "Everyone is family here. There are many families within one large family!"