Arriving in Monterrey, Mexico was a sweet surprise. The population is around 5 million and except for the Spanish signs everywhere, it looks like a large city in the states. The city is so beautiful. It looks like it could be a large city in the desert with mountains surrounding it. The scenery is as beautiful as the people that live here. I was greeted by Carol Oban, a missionary that is a member of my church and stayed with her the first night. The next two nights I'm staying with a local family. They have three daughters that laugh all the time so I fit in perfectly! This trip is allowing me to visit with MTW and see all the church planting programs. I am working with one of the church planters and his wife on a Heal Ministries future team trip that will focus on women's ministry and one of the orphanages that they support, Casa Hogar.

Today was a treat visiting Casa Hogar Orphanage. There are about 40 children that live here and I quickly bonded with the newest member. The beautiful baby girl has only been here for about a month. The children greeted the team with songs and we all had dinner together. One of the sweetest friends that I have made is named Martha. She is the director of the orphanage and has such a sweet spirit! She is a true image of Jesus in the skin to the children. Martha and Ruth are pictured together here. Ruth is the wife of Andres (MTW team leader here in church planting) and we are going to be working together to plan a women's conference.
I'm so thankful that I am able to plan the future Mexico trip with the ladies here. Although Mexico is much more of a family oriented country than the U.S. in several ways, there are many hurting women that have a need of knowing the One that will never abandon them. Heal Ministries will return with a team that will focus on the women's ministry here as well as partnering with the orphanage to run a VBS for the children and assists in a project that the orphanage needs in upkeep.
The ONLY difference in people that you might not look like, you might have different color skin, you might have different cultures, you might eat differently and talk different languages is........ the place of birth. I am constantly reminded of the one thing that all people in all lands have in common: we all need Jesus!