Words From Meleia Fisher, A Year Long Intern


It is a wonder and a joy to experience what happens at the James Place daily and to constantly see the ways in which the Lord is using HEAL Ministries. It’s a place of comfort and healing, as well as safety and security for many families. Mothers are given a peace of mind, knowing their children are safe, well fed, taken care of medically and learning about Jesus. It’s an incredible thing to witness a mother weeping with joy after finding out she won’t have to sleep on the street or at the police station after a traumatic event in her home life. We are able to help take care of abandoned widows and mothers because of our supporters. I’m blessed to witness these things firsthand, and want to express gratitude. Because of everyone praying for and financially supporting this ministry, these moments are able to happen! 

There is a little boy named Steward who keeps everyone on their toes around here. At almost two years old, he likes to run, play rough, and bend the rules, the whole time wide-eyed and cute as ever. Every day without fail, when he sees his mom coming to pick him up, he runs to her. She'll laugh and chase him around to change him from his play clothes, and is probably as excited to see him as he is to see her. Someone the other day commented, "Now that's a mom who loves her child." His adventurous side is one of the things that she loves the most about him. He can be a handful, but he is so vivacious for life, she can't help but smile. She loves her boy, and it's beautiful to see such a happy family staying together through the troubles of life. 

Because Steward is in child care at the James Place, his mom is able to go to university. She's studying to further her education, hopefully get a good job, and raise her son. The other day, it was a little past time for the kids to be picked up, and Steward was the last one. He was holding onto the gate, peering out and waiting for the moment he saw his mother. A few minutes later, his mother came into view, literally running down the road. She had an exam in school, and ran as fast as she could (for quite a ways!) to pick up her precious son from daycare. After apologizing for being late, someone asked how her exam went, and she flashed a big smile. "It was fine". Little did we know, she had finished the exam, answering every question correctly except one. Wow. She is dedicated to school, her son and learning how to provide for him. She is an incredibly loving and Godly woman. God is using this place to keep families together, and children like Steward will grow up thriving- experiencing the amazing joy and love that fills and radiates from this place.