Made it to Honduras!

Our team made it safely to Honduras yesterday - we spent the night in San Pedro and drove 2 hours through the rain forest this morning to get to beautiful Siguatepeque. The village area where La Provadencia is located is quite pleasant. The people are beautiful. It was thrilling to watch new eyes see the area for the first time and just as thrilling to see friends that we have here again.
A sweet moment for me was driving into the family model homes area and seeing children playing on the swing-sets. One of our HEAL teams built the playground and swing-sets a few years ago and to see it in action with the children was thrilling.
There are 12 of us on this mission trip and we have already bonded. It is always so amazing to see who God puts together on a team. We learn from each other and grow spiritually together each day. And, we learn to be flexible in Central America.
We spent tonight playing with the families at La Provadencia, the staff and two other teams. There is a team here that is leaving tomorrow and a medical team arrived today. All of us played soccor with the village children and then we played games with the orphanage children and had tamales with them tonight. I did not bring the right equipment to upload the pictures to share but I wish that I could show the smiles on the team members faces as they played, talked and laughed with their new friends tonight.......friends made in the village, and friends made quickly with the other teams.
One of the best moments we had was praise and worship. "Lord I lift your name on high" could be heard in the village in both English and Spanish. What a sweet vision of the way Heaven will sound - with all the languages coming together - all the nations rejoicing and loving each other and praising the One that never abandons us.
This is going to be a special week and everyone is so excited to be here - we will be planning and learning tomorrow as we prep for vacation Bible school. I'm listening to the rain pouring down as I type this and it made me smile. Our theme this week will be Noah's Ark. The children in the program will definitely understand about rain pouring down - and we are looking forward to explaining the best part of the story to them: God's promises never fail and the rainbow is often seen here in the beautiful mountains surrounding the rain forests. God has given me the rainbow so many times when I needed His smile from above - and while I did not see one today, I'm most certain the children that we will be talking to about the rainbow have seen rainbows many times here in this beautiful sunny and rainy area...........
borrowed a card reader from a team member - and posting pics!