Lynley's view...

This last week Heaven has been heavy on my heart. So much so, that I see a little glimpse of Heaven almost everywhere we work. The first team of the summer has been here for about a week now and the villages Tina works in have made them feel more than welcomed. Two times this week the team has been welcomed into the village with a village dance. 

My writing will not be able to adequately give full testament to the incredibleness of these dances! 
I am amazed at how the women and young girls here can dance! It is the most joyful, uplifting experience I have ever encountered. The drumming, the singing, the yelling, all of it is overflowing with happiness and praise for the Lord. It is by far one of the most humbling moments I have had since I have been here. 

No, I cannot understand the women as they sing and cannot even begin to understand the pastor as he prays, but all together it is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Yet, while I listen and watch these people worship, I have never been more sure that their is a God. I love to think that here, while these women are singing and dancing, is a little taste of what Heaven will be like. Except in Heaven, we will all be singing in a language that all people can understand. In a dance that all people will partake in. In a prayer that will never cease.

While I am here, I find myself praying that Heaven will be a little bit sweeter for the people here. The faith they have is something so strong, that even their desperate conditions cannot break them. They KNOW that they are saved and they KNOW that God is good! They know their time here is just a fleeting moment and their time in Heaven is a moment they long for. Heaven will be crazy and I cannot wait until we are all dancing together again one day.