Loving Like Jesus


Normally, you have to choose.

You choose which sports to play. You choose who your friends will be. You choose if you are left or right brained… but not at The James Place.


We are in the business of the ampersand, &.

Many of the Ugandan mothers have not witnessed a healthy marriage or healthy parenting habits. Many grew up in orphanages and someone took a chance on them. They need someone to see them, to believe that they have something worth offering. They need tough love when they are out of line to show that someone cares enough about them to hold them accountable. They need someone to call out their strengths and give them leadership opportunities.

At the James Place, we are truth and grace. We are hard talks and long hugs.

HEAL has pulled women out of difficult (sometimes life threatening) situations, cared for them through abuse, and led them to the feet of Jesus where there is true healing. Children can grow up with the Ugandan curriculum & know how to critically think. Women can start off in an artisan program & later become full time staff. Mothers can have no idea how to raise children & have the space to rise to higher standards once they are at the James Place. Ampersand.                                                                                                   

Second chances.

If there were two words to describe the James Place, “second chances” would be up there. We believe in people. We empower them. We teach them how to be accountable for their actions & we give them second chances. Grace upon grace. We allow our employees to take out loans & they pay them back in a specific time frame. We have a discounted preschool and childcare program & they pay for their own children’s education. For me, ampersand is the ministry of Jesus. He is always offering us second chances and calling us higher.

- Rachel Smith, Long Term Volunteer Admin Intern