Lessons from God in Honduras

As I left Honduras, I was reminded
of God's beauty everywhere:
  the children, the landscape, the waterfalls, the vision one man was given from God to fulfill James 1:27 and the reminder of God's provisions for my own life with my own two sons.
Alfredo Cerrato is pictured here and has had the vision for the family model for orphans:  the reality is that most orphans will never be adopted.  La Provadencia will have 24 homes eventually:  all with two parents and 8 children.  They will no longer be orphans and will grow up in a family environment:  widows have been selected in the community to be assigned as grandmothers.  Aunts and Uncles are assigned from the church and the children will know a total family unit.  
I'm thankful for my own life and the provisions that God has made for me.  I'm blessed with two sons that God has been the Father to:  the provider and comforter:  the only one TRUE SOURCE OF HOPE.   What a sweet gift from God that I got to enjoy Honduras with my two sons pictured here:  Trey and Tripp.
 I'm thankful that God is consistent today as He has always been and I'm thankful for the constant environments that He places me in to keep me humble and on my knees.  
Honduras is a special place to Heal Ministries just as La Provadencia is.  God loves the orphans and windows.  I'm thankful that He has instilled a special place in my heart for them.