La Casa De Mi Padre Pictures

Here are some more fun pics of La Casa:  Ericka is shown here reading to me and she insisted that I watch every word as she read 20 pages!  We captured a great pic of her with a HUGE smile as she climbed in Trey's lap.  Emanuel (Abby and Ericka's brother) is pictured here asleep in the hammock and also grinning from ear to ear.  
I am so overjoyed that these children are happy and safe that words cannot express my gratitude and thankfulness to the Lord!!!!  What a blessing that Heal Ministries can partner with La Casa and watch these children grow up into healthy Christians in their society!
Gary and Sharon Powell are pictured with me below.  They started La Casa Mi Padre and have become instant friends:  a true brother and sister that I look forward to growing old together with!  They share the same passion in caring for orphans and widows.  In fact, they shared a story that may be one of my all-time favorite "widow stories".  A lady that had a son in the program lost her husband and lived in a very rural area.  She has had no education except for the training and counseling provided by La Casa.  They raised the funds to build her a house and are working on reuniting her with her son.  Preparation and counseling are being given to ensure the appropriate timing.  The first night in the house she did not know what to do with the oven and decided to use it as a bird cage!  Gary said that they quickly realized she needed more help:  they assists her with weekly lessons on cooking, cleaning, and all the basics.  It is so wonderful to meet people that Heal Ministries can partner with for life caring for the orphans and widows around the globe.  You will be hearing alot more about La Casa Mi Padre in the future!