Just Say YES!

If you are wondering whether or not you should join a mission trip, just say YES! Just go ahead, make the decision, and watch the Lord show up! We just spent the last couple of weeks with a team from Harpeth Hall in Nashville, TN. They were such a joy and such a blessing to the ministry. Each time a team comes..........the question comes up.........should we spend this much money to get here? Or should the money just go directly to the ministry. Yes, the ministry needs money but the ministry is also just as much about teams. HEAL has been sending teams since 2007. We see the benefits........we see the relationships built and the love and encouragement that comes from that. And, we see God place the passion for His ministry into others so that they can go out and spread awareness.

So YES.......if you are still thinking in the back of your mind that you MIGHT want to go on a mission trip......just say YES. God will provide after you make the decision if you are supposed to go. And you will bless the women and children that we serve in Jinja, Uganda. You will be far more blessed than you can imagine. You will learn about love, hope, joy, humility and service from an entirely different perspective. A perspective that is more in line with how Christ wants us to view life....to view others.

The Harpeth Hall team had an extraordinary time. They served HEAL and other partnering organizations and ministries and they fell in love. They fell in love with God's people in Uganda. They learned that a third world doesn't mean that its inhabitants are lazy. They learned that poverty doesn't always mean uncleanliness. And they learned that sometimes people just need a little encouragement and education as to how to get out of a bad situation. They learned that children and teens and adults are the same everywhere......they just want to be loved and accepted. And they learned that their presence encouraged and thrilled the women and children at the James Place and were blessed by that.




So just say YES......just sign up and watch God show up! Thirteen young team members just did and their lives are forever changed.

Enjoy a few words from two members...... "HEAL Ministries is an organization that helps abandoned women and children. They are spreading God's word through these children and their mamas. They are truly changing and saving people's lives each day. They give people hope. HEAL Ministries is more than just an organization. They are a big family." Virginia Burns

"HEAL Ministries can be reflected by Acts 20:35; "In Every way I've shown you that by laboring like this, it is necessary to help the weak and to keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus, for he said, 'it is more blessed to give than to receive.'" HEAL Ministries is a community living and sharing the love of God. They provide a sanctuary for the women caring for children when they have nowhere else to go. They provide them with skills such as economics, sewing and English that will allow them to thrive while simultaneously giving a Christian foundation to both that woman and her child. They give more hope, love, joy and care than they can ever receive back. They are doing and spreading the word of God." Liz Curtis