Surrounded by Instant Love


To me, the James Place immediately felt like home. As soon as I walked through the gates every morning, smiling faces greeted me from a million different angles. The women, the children, the preschoolers all just want to hold your hand as they walk to their workspace, the treehouse, or to their classes. It was hard not to scoop up 3 kids at one time just to love on them before the day even started.

I have never experienced an instant love like the love given by the people at the James Place. I never knew how easy it would be to love on every child and every staff member there. I also never knew how much and how well I would be loved back. The relationships that I formed are so genuine and I never doubted one day that God was working in the hearts of every person at the James Place. He is so evident in every word spoken and every action that happens there. I am so thankful for my time at the James Place and look forward to seeing all the growth that will happen there and those smiling faces again someday!

- Olivia DeMontbreun, Volunteer Intern