"I'll be back"


When you leave The James Place, you plan on coming back. That’s just how special this place truly is. There is a certain joy that accompanies being here that doesn’t compare to anywhere else I’ve ever been so I knew one day I’d be back. Upon my arrival here at the beginning of June (2.5 years after my last visit) I was struck by how familiar everything felt and even more surprised at the amount of HEAL staff who greeted me with open arms and wide smiles to say welcome back. The people at the James Place do a wonderful job of mirroring Christ’s love: making each person feel known and loved. 

As my time here has gone on, I’ve been able to build upon old relationships and make new ones. Friendships form quickly at the James Place because the staff and the children are so open to new people. The beauty of the hearts of these people is hard to articulate. All I can say is that their joy and steadfast faith encourages me towards a closer relationship with Christ. I’m ever so thankful for this place and it’s people. I can already tell you, I’ll be back. 

- Margot May, Volunteer Intern