Home Again


Ever since i stepped foot in the James Place for the first time 5 years ago I knew this place was filled with so much love and joy and was truly a special place. Returning to the James Place 5 years later, I am amazed by how much change that has happened like the preschool opening, staff, and the new programs for women but, the one thing that has not changed is the amount of love there is at the James Place.

I was eager yet scared to come back because it has been so long that i did not know what to expect. When i walked in the James Place this year, I felt like I was home again. The staff and kids greeted me like I was family and have shown me love like I have never seen before. I have loved my return to the James Place because I see familiar faces and have also gotten to make new friends along the way. I will never forget the friendships I have made here and the love that everyone at the James Place shows me each and every day I walk into the gates. 

- Sara Grace Black, Volunteer Intern