His Goodness

"Yet I am confident I will see the LORD's goodness while I am here in the land of the living." Psalm 27:13 I've seen His goodness in these red dirt roads, in the tea fields spreading for miles, in the spirit of thankfulness that always leads to praise, in generosity that showed me what it means to give with a cheerful heart, in servant-hearted thoughtfulness, in singing and dance that makes you laugh until you cry, in humility and vulnerability that shows a heart knelt down, in giggles and laughs you wish you could record as a forever hum in your head, in joy upon joy. 

I am undeserving of the goodness I've experienced. What Uganda & these friendships have been in my life is simply the story of the cross, of grace, of drowning in love, and undeserved kindness, of being told I have worth although I know I'm not worthy. God has a way of saying I know what you are, I know your darkest parts, but I love you still, I want you still. You are not worthy but you have unimaginable worth, you are worth everything to me- I would leave the 99 for you. I would call you to this place, this land of the living, because I love you, because I want to overflow your cup. I will use you because I want you to share in my glory, and I will use them because I want you to taste an earthly love that mirrors my heavenly love for you. 

Thank you the James Place, my mukwanos, my babies, and my kind Savior for 10 months of fullness.

- Shannon Rogers,  Volunteer Long Term Intern