God's Presence in the Classroom

I had no idea what to expect when I stepped off of the plane in the Entebbe airport. This would be my first trip to Uganda, my first time with HEAL Ministries, and I was relying solely on my faith and trust in the Lord to calm my nerves that night. Arriving at the James Place, I was met with far more love and grace than a college student from Arkansas could ever be worthy of and could ever hope to repay. 

I began serving in the preschool, and my heart melted each time I heard a child call me "Teacher Kaylee." I cherished each lightbulb moment that occurred; even though they called me teacher, I was constantly learning new things from them. We must serve a big, sovereign God if He could allow our paths to cross here at the James Place, blessing me with the opportunity to know and grow with these children for a time. I feel the Lord's presence so strongly on these grounds and in the classroom at the James Place, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be Teacher Kaylee for the past two months. God is so good! 

- Kaylee Hamilton, Volunteer Short Term Intern