God Is In The House

Sometimes we have to stop and just really think about how awesome God is and how much HE loves us and how He connects His people. Today was one of those days. We work with women that have incredible stories. We know the pain that many of them go through. We share their tears and their laughs. We remind each other how much God loves us.

HEAL Ministries works with women in the villages nearby. We have developed relationships with these women. We have bible studies in their home, in their backyards. They come to us in our backyard as well. That is what friends do. They go to each others homes.


Today, a lady traveled to Jinja from a village about an hour away. Someone told her that there is a safe place for her to learn about the Bible. Someone shared that she could learn English and be treated with love and that she would be accepted even in her hijab, the Islamic head covering.

As the English teacher talked to her and explained everything to me, I had to fight back the tears. Tears of a reminder that God loves us so very much, that HE not only sent His one and only Son to save us, but He still sends those He loves and pursues to find the ONE message of HOPE. And that is what He did today with our new Muslim friend. He sent her to a place that she could learn about the Bible because that is how much He loves this precious lady.

I do not know our new friends story yet. I only know that our Lord and Creator found a way to entice her to our backyard. HEAL's Backyard where she will learn about the bible she has heard about somewhere far down the road.