Easter in Uganda

What a glorious week-end to celebrate! Like many holidays, sometimes the meaning behind Easter or Christmas gets lost in the celebration. We always remember that Easter is about what Christ did for us but we sometimes focus on the Easter bunnies, the new clothes, the Easter baskets, the eggs, the special lunch, etc.

Eggs are a great representation of Easter because an egg hatches new life. And that is the true meaning of Easter, new life. I'm so thankful that Christ died for each of us and gave us the wonderful opportunity of new life in Him and new life forever.

This Easter I'll be celebrating new life in Uganda. Uganda has become my new home and the new life that I spend here is focused on the One that gave me this very life. There are no distractions here that I had in Nashville, TN. Life is simple here and I'm learning to adjust. There is no constant and instant communication and news. How blessed I am to experience such a wonderful existence! Getting back to the basics: simplicity and Jesus!

The people here are beautiful and celebrate in a way that I have never experienced. They are uninhibited in their daily work and worship. This Easter I'm praising God and thanking HIM for my life, for the new life in HEAL Ministries and the board of directors and this wonderful new life of simplicity, love, and focus in Uganda!
"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances." ~Robert Flatt