Constant Joy

While interning at HEAL, I have learned so much and have made so many memories once again. I taught in the baby class this summer alongside of some amazing teachers who are now some of my closest friends. It was a joy to watch the children grow and learn day in and day out. Whether it be Hanani pointing out that she knew the color blue, or Reyon being able to count all the way to 10 confidently- these kids were constantly giving me joy. In the morning hearing them say "good morning Teacha Lauren" makes my day, and it honestly gets cuter and cuter every time. I have learned to love big always because life is short, always invest in relationships and take those scary leaps of faith because God is there every step of the way. The women, children, and other interns show me this every day. Benja running around giving all of the interns hugs, the women sitting us down to wash our feet, and the interns' constant love. These two months have shown me a lot about Jesus and who he is. I will be forever thankful for the experience to work at such an amazing ministry! 

- Love Teacha Lauren, Volunteer Short Term Intern