Beauty everywhere!

We have had such a wonderful two days seeing God's beautiful rainforest, waterfall, flowers, beautiful colors everywhere, and the beautiful people of Honduras................words can't describe the beauty in the scenery or the eyes of the people here. Our team even discovered beauty in the laughter of being served fish - head, eyes and all!

We saw God today in: the eyes of the people, the smiles and joy in their faces, the rainforest, the laughter of the team bonding and prepping for VBS crafts, the humility and kindness of the staff at La Providencia, the staff at the hotel and the streets of Siguatepeque. There is a simplicity here is that is very pleasing and desirable and everyone on the team has already realized this. We discussed the similarities and differences tonight of the people that we are meeting and it all comes back to the two main ones everytime: The biggest difference is birthplace and the biggest similarity is that we all need Jesus.