Allie, HEAL intern at the James Place, shares “The Little Moments”!

To me, it’s the little moments of joy, laughter, and thankfulness that make the James Place so great. Just take a look around here and you will see them happening everywhere. 

It’s waking up every morning to the smell of Ugandan coffee (the best in the world in my opinion) and hearing a devotion by a fellow intern or team member that always seems to apply perfectly to your day. It’s watching our preschoolers listen closely as Aisha, who is not only a great teacher but also loves the children like a mother would, goes over a new letter of the alphabet. It’s sitting in the shade and enjoying a hot cup of our amazing cook Babirye’s African spice tea while one of our sweet babies rests in your lap. It’s hugging a clean, sleepy child to your chest as you carry him to naptime. It’s doing chores after lunch with HEAL’s awesome staff, sharing stories from growing up in different cultures but knowing that because of the Lord we have so many more similarities than differences. It’s sitting down with the women as they make necklaces and rugs, in awe of the time and care they put into each one. It’s pushing a child on the swings at the end of a long day and watching as he jumps off and runs to his mother, who is waiting with open arms. It’s sitting around the dinner table with your fellow interns, and instead of complaining about eating noodles yet again, you’re all just thankful for the meal and each other’s presence. It’s going to sleep every night completely exhausted, but in the best way possible because you know you spent all day loving on and laughing with our precious children. These moments are definitely what I will miss most about being here when I leave in a few short days.

Bob Goff says, “I get the invitation every morning when I wake up to actually live a life of complete engagement, a life of whimsy, a life where love does”. This invitation is something the people here at the James Place accept every day. They have taught me to be present and enjoy even the smallest of moments, and for that I am forever thankful.