A message from our Chairman

As I sit here in my quiet office, working on this official President’s Day Holiday, I can’t help but to reflect on what is about to come my way. As Chairman of the Board of HEAL Ministries, myself and a few other of the board members are soon to embark on a journey to Uganda. This will be my first trip there, which will be over spring break. I am really not certain what to expect, nor do I want to make assumptions. God has put Uganda on my heart through His Holy Spirit and I must say I am extremely blessed and honored. HEAL Ministries, has been together for about 4 years, however, this past 8 months has brought a new vision and focus, as well as, a new and passionate Board of Directors. God has given us so much to think about this past few months and although it can be very overwhelming, it has almost taken over our hearts. Our new vision, “To serve widows and orphans, abandoned women and children, in a Christ centered environment” is still a work in the making. God has blessed us all is so many ways, yet, we tend to forget what His true direction for us on Earth really is. He wants us to sing on the mountain tops about His love, His grace, and to further His Kingdom. God wants us to honor Him by serving others, yet, we often tend to want to serve ourselves. HEAL Ministries is changing my life daily and I can’t imagine the feeling I am going to have when I am with the women and children of Uganda who desperately need us, but more importantly we desperately need them. As we embark on this journey ahead of us, I hope to share more and more of my story and the unfolding story of HEAL Ministries, as we try to understand God’s calling for us in Uganda. I hope anyone that reads this will begin to feel my heart bleeding more and more for the Lord as He challenges me during this process. I have yet to truly understand what this means but am ready for obedience and look forward to what I believe will be many journey’s.

Kevin Hagan,

Chairman of the Board