A Joyful Day in El Salvador

Today was a gift from God.  It was a day that I did not want to end.  Brandi, Trey, Douglas and I went with Gary (executive director of La Casa) to the farm that they purchased.  There, we were able to walk and see the 28 acres purchased for the homes that will be built for the orphans.  

The beautiful chapel is the only building that has been built.  It was built first on the hill and the design of all the homes will be modeled after this Salvadorian style.  Brandi is pictured ringing the bell and as the bell echoed throughout the area, I felt God whispering to me that this was the place that He planned for Abby and Ericka to live with their brother, Emanuel.  This is the beautiful area that they will grow up.  God has used these two very special girls to cause people around the world to pray, to begin a ministry that will focus on orphans and widows, to change the hearts of thousands to draw closer to Him, and to complete His will and His story for them in His timing.

After we walked the property, we said good-byes to Douglas as he left for Tegucigalpa and hello to the children at La Casa for an afternoon of fun!  We went with the staff to the park and gave the children cookies and raisins.  As I watched them playing and laughing, I couldn't help but laugh myself at how we always think we have things figured out.......and, yet....we never really do.  God's plan is so much better than any plan that we can dream up.  Today I'm thankful that He is teaching me to wait on Him.  I am so excited about developing a partnership with this program and taking a team to assists the children's families, perhaps even Abby's and Ericka's family.
There has been a spiritual bonding between me and the girls.  They do not know the full story but, perhaps, one day will know how God used them.  Until then, I'm just going to give thanks and praises to God for allowing me to form a friendship with the staff of La Casa, with all the children and caretakers, for allowing me to be a very small part of a HUGE story, for being able to spread the word of God's love and the needs of La Casa, and.....most especially, for allowing me to love Abby and Ericka in person.