A full and rewarding week at Amani Baby Cottage

This has been a packed week for the team but most rewarding in many ways. We have assisted in re-arranging the rooms for Amani, painting a couple of rooms, transforming one room into a preschool with a painted blackboard, pulled weeds out of walk-ways, had a Noah's Ark craft with the preschoolers, gave a lesson that incorporated goldfish and animal cookies, played with the babies, built relationships with the "mommas" and "auntees" and volunteers and staff, played "dress Up" with the babies, walked alot, worked alot, played hard, laughed, cried, have eaten really well thanks to "momma cook" and Surjios Guest House, and lots more that I'm sure I am leaving out. It's amazing how fast relationships build. It's even more amazing how fast we have all grown to love this place so deeply that it hurts to think about leaving. While many of the tasks seem small, the love that was produced is HUGE!

We have shared devotions and testimonies and cannot believe that 2 weeks have passed. We have bonded together spiritually as a team and with the ministries that we have served. As we approach the end of 2 weeks (and looking forward to the last week here) we realize that the most important reason God had us here was to draw closer to HIM. Our hearts have been broken by the things that breaks God's heart. We have prayed to see things as HE sees, to hear things as HE hears and to love all as HE loves. He has answered many prayers for us and we are thankful. We prayerfully seek His will for our last week in Uganda and ask for prayers for renewed strength and health.