A day with Amazima

Our team went to the Amazima feeding program today and everyone was excited to meet Katie Davis who started the ministry. Driving up was emotional as some of us saw the growth of the ministry - the playground complete with the building for the praise and worship. As the children started singing "hallelujah" we were moved beyond words. The joy is evident and it is so rewarding to see how God has used this one lady to grow His kingdom by the hundreds.

The children played and laughed and patiently waited their turn to receive an egg, beans, rice & chicken. To see the operation from start to finish is quite remarkable. After the children eat, they take home a bag for their family of beans, rice, chicken and soap.
This program is more than just the rice and beans and chicken the families love. This program has taught the Hope of Christ and has reached hundreds of families while teaching them to look after each other responsibly. Katie shared a story with me about a baby that a local family adopted because of watching Katie's family, and now, this program has taught the Ugandans to reach out to the orphans and to adopt. To learn more about this ministry follow Katie's blog at amazimaministries.blogspot.com.
As we watched the children leave with the heavy green bags to take to their families, we realized that here, in Uganda, children are taking care of each other and their families. The children in this program will be key in making a difference for the next generation. There is a genuine love of relationship here. It is evident to all that experience Uganda. Perhaps here, the love is more real because of the lack of distractions. Perhaps here, they are closer to the One that created Him because He is the focus. And, perhaps here, we have grown closer to God and are thankful for the relationship that we have developed with each other, with our new friends in Uganda that have become family, and with the Creator for His awesome love for everyone.
We ended the day going to town to get "rolexes" which is a handmade tortilla with eggs. The owner of the guest house where we are staying drove us. His name is Surjio and we saw God in him today. He purchased our meals and then purchased five extra for the five children that played with us while our food was being cooked. Perhaps here in Uganda, everyone looks after each other and that is the way it should be.